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Xiacheng district has a long history, Qin g twenty-five years (AD 222 years ago), Qin Shihuang set the money after Tangxian County, East tour to the throne lake,Now under the city territory north. Sui Wendi Kai Huang nine years (AD 589 Years), Sui Wendi waste money Tang Junjian after Hangzhou, build the Grande Canale,Communication between North and south, as the market gradually. The Tang Dynasty, "Hangzhou in Southeast county" To see in the world. After the Southern Song Dynasty capital is more prosperous, area of the salt bridge Cai Shi River and the Grande Canale River, transportation is more busy,Wulin gate Known as the "Guan Sheng city". The Yuan Ming and Qing Dynasties, area of the East Street, doors Genshan area is "the sound of the loom, than households is heard",Become the center of handicraft industry of Hangzhou silk. Under the city with profound The historical background and rich cultural connotation, ancient propagation Sheng, numerous precious cultural relics still stand today Under the city thousands of images on the land. Tang was preserved, Bazi bridge and other monuments and Ma Yinchu first normal site, the old In units of cultural relics protection.

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